We Provide Services

Medical Travel:
 Acquiring medical examination reports from prospective patients.
 Communicate with International correspondents for possible treatment options.
 Provide a clear & complete treatment plan from different hospitals with fair cost.
 All in support to make informed decisions, medical appointments, visa arrangements & air travel.
 Provide logistic support while time abroad in coordination with the hospitals including airport pick-ups/drop-offs, accommodation, translator and Forex exchange.
 Arrange recreational activities for the patients and companions upon request.  Active follow-up of patient during and after their treatment.

Educational Travel
 Consultation towards preference of educational facility & desire of stu.
 Gathering all available documents towards desired level of study.
 Cross-checking of the documents, for eligibility to study in the given university.
 Arrangement of an offer letter summarizing payments, duration of study and course details and securing Final Admission letter.
 Assisting students towards Visa, Air travel and other logistics.
 Constant follow up on the current standings of the student & resolving any complaints.